French Drain

Ways to fix drainage issues in Fort Worth – Arlington

Home buiders don’t always grade the lawn so water flows away from the foundation of your house. This can cause major foundation problems over the years if there is not proper drainage away from your home’s foundation. In many cases due to the lay of the land it may be impossible to grade the lawn on all sides of the home to flow away. If your yard has this issue it can be corrected with sub-surface drainage known as a French drain. French drains are designed to carry water away from your home or soggy yard.

Drainage Solutions

French Drain – Sub-Surface

A French drain is the most popular and well know type of outdoor drain system. French drains are designed to catch access water and direct it through a drain to the street or other part of the yard where the water will naturally disperse. French drains can be designed in many ways to achieve its purpose. A French drain can be hidden in the landscaping by covering with gravel or stone and incorporated into the landscape. The sub-surface drain can have issues over the years of getting filled in with silt and mud slowing the drainage but can beFrench Drain cleaned to restore od flow.

French Drain – Level Surface

Level service French Drains are typically a concrete trough dug into the ground and covered with a metal grating system. While it is more obvious, it can be very efficient and easy to clean when needed.

Downspout Drainage

Downspouts need to drain away from the house and typical soggy parts of the yard or flower beds. Extensions can be placed on bottom of the downspouts to direct flow away. Corrugated plastic tubes are an inexpensive solution for direction water from downspouts and can be buried to direct the water within the landscape or to a drain.

Grassy Swale

If you have room in your yard and the right lay of the land, you could regrade the yard and create a Grassy swale. Grassy swales is an area of the yard which is carefully graded to direct water. As little as a 1” drop every 10 feet can provide enough flow to be effective. A swale can help direct water over a larger area or have it flow to an area that has good drainage.

Dry Creek Bed

Dry creek beds are designed by digging a drainage ditch and filling it in with decorative rock and some native landscaping.
Before Dry Creek Dry creek bed drainage

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