Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home at night.  Additionally, it includes the added advantage of increasing the security and safety in and around your home.   The largest investment that many people have is their home.  The added landscaping investment can be enjoyed no matter the time of day with exterior lighting.   The latest advances in low-voltage, LED lighting allow a significant impact without using significant energy. Such lighting also limits the added electricity expense each month.

Exterior Lighting Design Experts

Our design team will work with you to determine which areas you want to highlight, and with which fixtures.  We’ll outline which elements of the plan are more for aesthetic reasons, and which elements have added safety and security benefits.  This guide suggest areas which should be illuminated, and why.  Having an illuminated walkway is certainly beneficial for people arriving after dark.  Lighting similar to what’s pictured above is a significant deterrent to any potential burglar.

Adding such a feature increases the beauty and perceived value of your home.  The resulting return on investment for such items can be significant.  Landscape lighting and exterior lighting can also extend the usability of our outdoor spaces.  In the Texas heat, it can sometimes be challenging to take full advantage of being outside during the day.  Enjoying patios and decks after sunset is critical.  Having the right kind of lighting can make these spaces more useful and enjoyable.

Landscape lighting adds another layer of depth to any landscape design and will really help to bring it to life at night.  Low-voltage lighting solutions can be added to outdoor walkways, trees, patios, decks and more.  For a free estimate on how we can help to add beauty and enjoyment to your home, call us today at 817-457-7507.

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